Session Panel


12:00 PM — 1:30 PM EDT
May 12 Wed, 12:00 PM — 1:30 PM EDT

Role of theoretical research in networking systems development and beyond

Panelists: P. R. Kumar (Texas A&M University, USA), Thyaga Nandagopal (The National Science Foundation, USA), Jennifer Rexford (Princeton University, USA), Don Towsley (U. of Massachusetts, USA), Jean Walrand (UC. Berkeley, USA); Moderator: Ness Shroff (Ohio State University, USA)

This panel aims to discuss the role of theoretical research in the progress of network systems development. It will examine how theoretical research can help rapidly advance system design and implementation, good research practices, and what pitfalls to avoid. The panel will also examine how systems research could learn from the abstractions and insights emanating from theoretical research, and better utilize the scientific approach in developing effective real-world solutions.

Eminent panelists with diverse expertise will share ideas and perspectives on how to best utilize the strengths and to be cautious against weaknesses of theoretical and systems-oriented research approaches towards a common end. Reflecting on past successes and failures, the panel will aim to help reveal productive practices in pursuing high-quality research in networking and beyond.

Session Chair

Ness Shroff (Ohio State University, United States)

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